Entry #13

At one point in time, I liked this site a lot.

2015-02-28 23:34:41 by AgentXRifle

Not anymore, the community is shit, people are not warm/inviting and tend to push others away. My main reason for using the site was for watching flash back in the day of dial up, but as of now I look for some good audio (hard to do now) and read/comment on forums (which have all been repeated many times). The times are a changin', and I miss the old days... Oh well. If you need to contact me, check out my youtube and leave a comment on a video/message me. Chances are, I won't see it if you message me here.


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2015-03-01 01:14:03

i sense some hostility. try not to call the comunity shit, there are still good people here.